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  • Ways to Stop Complicating Life

    Yes, we’ve all been there—those times when life seems so incredibly complicated that we have no idea what we should be doing next. These are the moments where you need to pause, take a breath, and relax. Because the truth is, we often overcomplicate things. We prevent ourselves from clearly visualizing the problem because we […]

  • Canada Day Nanaimo Bar Cheesecake

      Ingredients Decrease Serving 16 Increase Serving Adjust Original recipe yields 16 servings Ingredient Checklist 2 ½ cups crushed chocolate cream-filled sandwich cookies (such as OREO® Cookies) ½ cup butter, melted ¼ cup chopped pecans ½ cup flaked coconut 4 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened 1 cup white sugar ¼ cup custard powder (such as […]

  • How Gratitude Makes You Happier

    How to Practice Gratitude Just like a muscle, when you exercise your thankfulness more often, you’re more likely to see beneficial effects. Learn From the Scandinavians In 2018 and 2019, Finland ranked No. 1 in The United Nation’s (UN) World Happiness Report. It’s worth pausing to think about why Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland […]

  • Hello world!

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